Micellar Water



One-step cleansing

Leave your skin supremely clean with this luxury, multi-tasking cleansing water, which effortlessly removes pollutants, dirt and all traces of make-up from your face. With its alcohol, oil and soap-free formula, this extra-mild cleanser leaves you feeling supremely clean, fresh and refreshed.

  • Non-rinse and alcohol-free formula

How to Use

  • Apply when needed on the face, eyes and lips using a cotton pad

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    Celebrate your individual beauty and create a ritual that’s right for you with a drinkable powder that reduces hyper-pigmentation and makes your skin radiate from within. Rich in high-performing ingredients, Whity powder will fulfill your desire for beautiful skin that is visibly whiter with an even tone.

    • Lightens skin and reduces hyper-pigmentation
    • Contains French pine bark extract, vitamins C & E, pomegranate fruit extract and elagic acid

    How to Use

    • Dissolve a scoop of powder into water daily with a meal

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    • Heating, slimming, firming, draining and restructuring
    • Contains caffeine, palmaria palmate and centellaasiatica extract

    How to Use

    • Massage with upward movements into desired areas of the body, daily

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    • Reduces wrinkles and increases skin suppleness
    • Contains hydrolyzed collagen, high amino acid profile, hyaluronic acid and grape seed extract

    How to Use

    • Consume two tablets daily at night, followed by a full glass of water

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    • Contains hyaluronic acid and portulacapilosa extract

    How to Use

    • Gently massage into lips as needed

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